Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PgUp Artists: Wirxli Flimflam & Fwwixli Swindlehurst

For the Pages Exhibition, each of our artists is answering a set of three questions, and providing us with a self-portrait and an image of the place they work, or sit and dream ...

Wirxli Flimflam ...

self portrait

How would you describe your work?
I describe my work as conceptual and paternal ;-)

Who is your main influence?
My daughter and the hyper-liberal tolerance of Lindens and Furries towards the ageplay community. That answer is maybe only describing one influence but it related to our collaboration for your show more directly.

With whom would you most like to collaborate?
Other than my daughter? ok, another person is Alan Dojoji...I have asked him but no firm reply. Hopefully, also Fau Ferdinand.

Wirxli in his PR office burning critical theory texts in Second Life (picture by Wirxli Flimflam)

Fwwixli Swindlehurst ...

self portrait

How would you describe your work?
Controversial and humorous.
I'm Wirxli's side kick. We hang around in high profile events accompanied by our body guards.
I sit on dad's shoulders when lag it too bad for zooming around on my super kewl skateboard.
Then we blog.

Who is your main influence?
Ren and Stimpy, dad and Zodial Semple.

With whom would you most like to collaborate?
Same as above :)

This is Fwwixli's hiding spot in Nereid. (picture by Fwwixli Swindlehurst)

And here's the full interview ...

Fwwixli Swindlehurst, foster daughter of famous Second Front performance artist Wirxli Flimflam was born and raised into the wealthy but negligent Swindlehurst family and left barefoot, toyless and candyless on the paradise island owned by the Israeli artist Fau Ferdinand, and it is here on Fau's beach that i first meet Fwwixli, an obnoxious child with a blue face, a skateboard and some nasty habits ...

Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)
spinster Voom: wow!
spinster Voom: hang on, you are still rezzing
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ok
spinster Voom: yes, i can see the family resemblance!

Fwwixli proceeds to play a selection of childish, irritating gestures ...

Fwwixli Swindlehurst: No but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: no but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: London....
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...so secret...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...controller of this vast network...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...
spinster Voom: so fwwixli's personality is ?
spinster Voom: lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...upon who's shoulders...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...ever alert...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...cut away you fool!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: she is a kid
spinster Voom: :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: she swears
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: and is a total brat
spinster Voom: that is so cool!
spinster Voom: all the kids i've met here so far are nauseatingly cute
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
spinster Voom: hehe
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: we hang around in high profile events
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: with bodyguards
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :-D
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: wirx is an sl celebrity
spinster Voom: yes, i saw wirxli at dorkbot
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'm the kid
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: he's my father
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I sit on his shoulders when I'm not zooming around on my skateboard , making the bodyguards work for their money
spinster Voom: lol
spinster Voom: and what sort of reactions do you get?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: not much yet
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: we got mentioned in avastar
spinster Voom: cool
spinster Voom: so for you, what is the rationale for this performance?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ageplay in sl is done between concenting adults
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: let them play here
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: instead of RL
spinster Voom: there's been huge controversy about it lately hasn't there?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah
spinster Voom: i went to a feminist discussion on child avies ...
spinster Voom: ones who were not involved in the sex side of things
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: wirx says it reminds him how homosexuals were hunted in the 60's
spinster Voom: they were ... "reclaiming " their childhoods
spinster Voom: yes, there is a bit of that about it
spinster Voom: to be honest, i do have quite mixed feelings about age-play ...
spinster Voom: on the one hand, i agree it's a bit of a witch-hunt ...
spinster Voom: about something going on between consenting adults ...
spinster Voom: but then i wonder whether it doesn't encourage some dodgy off-line behaviour, not involving consenting adults
spinster Voom: i suppose that's what makes your performance so interesting ....
spinster Voom: makes people think
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: that's what we want
spinster Voom: :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :-D
spinster Voom: so, how d'you want to do this ...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: not sure
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: you might use the blog
spinster Voom: there's the interview bit ... although actually i could use a lot of the "chat" from today ...
spinster Voom: is it just you i'd be interviewing, or Wirxli too?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'll ask

For some reason, Fwwixli's avatar keeps slipping into "away" mode ...

spinster Voom: you are a dozy child fwwixli
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: wirx wouldn't mind
spinster Voom: that'd be cool
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I have no idea why this is happening
spinster Voom: are you smoking? lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: my foster aunt chi gave me fags
spinster Voom: bad auntie! lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: read the blog hehe
spinster Voom: k, will do
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: naaaa she's a great aunt
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: cigs and lollies
spinster Voom: bad aunties always are :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: and wirx gives me mind expanding drugs
spinster Voom: very cool

In a spirit of generous friendship, i offer Fwwix a tab of acid ...

Fwwixli Swindlehurst declined your inventory offer.
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I have those meh
spinster Voom: ah i see! past the point of further possible corruption! lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
spinster Voom: so did you look at the questions in the pages blurb?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: all I have is the notecard max sent around
spinster Voom: i think they're on there ... hang on ...
spinster Voom: yes, down near the bottom ...
spinster Voom: how would you describe your work ... well, you've already described it quite well unless there is anything else you want to add?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: not really
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: and I'm collaborating with the people I want
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)))
spinster Voom: :-) that is so cool
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: gazira is the hottest artist in sl atm
spinster Voom: what about your influences?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: second front too
spinster Voom: yes, i love Gazira's stuff
spinster Voom: i'd love to see a second front performance
spinster Voom: are there any coming up?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh they have back log of 7
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
spinster Voom: will you let me know when there's one happening?
spinster Voom: you don't tend to advertise do you?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: sure thing
spinster Voom: :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: if you're willing to screw your sleep cycles
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: like I do constantly
spinster Voom: haven't had a normal night's sleep since i started this damned game! lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: shhh don't call it a game
spinster Voom: oops!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: it's a place
spinster Voom: place
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: a platform
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: a vr
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: but a game ?
spinster Voom: an insomniacs hell
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hahaha
spinster Voom: no ur right, it's just i spend so much time here just ... piddling about
spinster Voom: setting fire to myself and doing the time warp
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: can I ask you a few questions ?
spinster Voom: of course, pls do
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: how are you connected to the gallery ?
spinster Voom: the notice gallery in deptford?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah
spinster Voom: ok, well i'm not connected to the gallery as such, i'm employed as a researcher for this project
spinster Voom: it's done in association with London Metropolitan University
spinster Voom: the lead on the project is Nici Oxley and it's her gallery
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: who are the rl artists that take part ?
spinster Voom: do you know the gallery? it used to be the museum of installations
spinster Voom: rl artists ... so far, i have Amy Alexander, who is a code artist from America
spinster Voom: and Elizabeth Schimana who does theremin performances
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I love them
spinster Voom: other people have recruited different artists from all sorts of disciplines
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I almost got one myself :)
spinster Voom: there are 10 of us all together and we should have about 40 artists taking part in one way or another
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: great :)
spinster Voom: but the list will not be finalised until 8th May or shortly thereafter
spinster Voom: yes theremins ... :-)
spinster Voom: i'm halfway thru building one
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ah
spinster Voom: as a "keepsake" from my conversation with Elizabeth
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: wicked :)
spinster Voom: so we can have it in the gallery for people to have a go
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :))))))))))))))
spinster Voom: so, do you think you're on board with the pages thing?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: def
spinster Voom: :-)
spinster Voom: would you like to meet up rl, or do the whole thing thru sl?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: sl
spinster Voom: :-)
spinster Voom: was hoping u would, i like the process of doing stuff here
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)))
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: me too
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: one more question
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: my photos
spinster Voom: yes, photos
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: could they be sl snaps ?
spinster Voom: YES PLEASE!!!!!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh great
spinster Voom: u want to take them and email them?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: sure :)
spinster Voom: thx
spinster Voom: you ok with me turning our "chat" into a little interview? will mailyou a copy before i hand in
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ecxellent

following Fwwix's example I perform a gesture myself ...

spinster Voom: Eggsellent!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: excuse my spelling
spinster Voom: lol
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
spinster Voom: sorry ur bringin out the kid in me :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: haha
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: we're all kids
spinster Voom: :-)

So the following day, I travel to meet Fwwixli's foster father at his PR office on Odyssey. Time differences mean that while it is 8am for me, Wirxli is just coming to the end of a long night. I find him talking to fellow artist Fau Ferdinand ...

Wirxli Flimflam: howdy!
Wirxli Flimflam: Spinster, welcome to my PR office
spinster Voom: hi wirxli, good to meet u at last
Wirxli Flimflam: Fau, i think you have been here before
Wirxli Flimflam: Spinster, I have seen your name around
Wirxli Flimflam: I think we have been at some of the same events together
spinster Voom: yes, been to a couple of exhibs
Fau Ferdinand: :)
spinster Voom: and dorkbot
spinster Voom: sorry fau, tp'd on ur head lol
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, ok
Wirxli Flimflam: lol!
Fau Ferdinand: hehe yup
Fau Ferdinand: you messed up my do :pppppp
spinster Voom: so, been looking at your blogs
Wirxli Flimflam: so pardon me this eve if I seem a bit messed up..I am a bit drunk and suffering sleep dep in RL ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: I am trying to keep up appearances tonight
spinster Voom: you still look great fau
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...great
Wirxli Flimflam: must be her prim hair..hahahahahahaha
spinster Voom: lol, was a bit trolleyed last night
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: aren't we all
spinster Voom: today, just hung over
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah....whoa!
Fau Ferdinand: heh
Wirxli Flimflam: if I seem to have no inhibitions whatsoever and crammed with dumb typos, that is why ;-)
spinster Voom: lol could be interesting
Wirxli Flimflam: I am concentrating very hard just to even type
spinster Voom: Fwwixli has told you about the pages thing?
spinster Voom: ur typing is impeccable
Wirxli Flimflam: I know bits and pieces
Wirxli Flimflam: I want to know more
Wirxli Flimflam: intense concentration is allowing me to type..it is not natural right now
spinster Voom: ok, well the exhib is primarily about process and inspiration
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: there are ten or so of us researchers who have been let loose to find people whose art inspires us
Wirxli Flimflam: kewl!
Wirxli Flimflam: ok, please forgive me but I have been offered alot of shows and I am getting exhibitions mixed up,,,this is in London in RL, right?
spinster Voom: and to interview them about how they go about creating work ...
spinster Voom: yes, in London
spinster Voom: who inspires them ...
Wirxli Flimflam: awesome!
spinster Voom: etc etc
Wirxli Flimflam: ok, I have remembered the right show then ;-)
spinster Voom: from which point ...
spinster Voom: we can take it pretty much where we want
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: great
Wirxli Flimflam: so,Fau told you about my daughter Fwwix, right?
spinster Voom: the interview centers around a set of three questions...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...
spinster Voom: and a request for two images ...
Wirxli Flimflam: is the interview now? I need to sober up..lol!
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: these will be in the catalogue
Wirxli Flimflam: np
spinster Voom: we can do the interview whenever you like
Wirxli Flimflam: kewl, I am down with that
spinster Voom: the idea is to then generate "keepsakes" for the actual exhibition
Wirxli Flimflam: I can try and respond to your interview now
spinster Voom: which could be anything
Wirxli Flimflam: have you interviewed Fwwix yet?
spinster Voom: ok, but let me know if u too tired
spinster Voom: cool
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: had a brief chat with Fwwix yesterday :-)
Fau Ferdinand: my brain is lagging
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...good
Wirxli Flimflam: my brain is also lagging, Fau
Wirxli Flimflam: let me take a pic or two of this interview for my blog
spinster Voom: lol, mine too if honest
Wirxli Flimflam: if I suck at this interview now, can we re-do the interview?
Fau Ferdinand: 2.5 hours of sleep does that
Wirxli Flimflam: yikes!
spinster Voom: of course!
Wirxli Flimflam: I at least get 4-5 hours
Wirxli Flimflam: let me take a pic..one sec...
Wirxli Flimflam: Fau, Chi5 says hi :-)
Fau Ferdinand: :)
Fau Ferdinand: hehehe
Wirxli Flimflam: I need to get an email for Wirxli
Wirxli Flimflam: it is too lame to be my RL self
Fau Ferdinand: haha
Wirxli Flimflam: everyone is better in SL, lets face it
spinster Voom: well i certainly am lol
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheh
Fau Ferdinand: :-D
Wirxli Flimflam: I am certainly much hotter in SL
Wirxli Flimflam: much taller, darker and more handsome
spinster Voom: so... are we up to the interview now? i am aware it is past your bedtime, wirx
Fau Ferdinand: don't listen to him spinster
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah..first let me take a pic or two for my blog
spinster Voom: yes, i've seen u on fire i think lol
Fau Ferdinand: he's a good looking bastard
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks Fau
Wirxli Flimflam: here is your L$1 payment...
spinster Voom: :-)
Fau Ferdinand: :)
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..one sec
Wirxli Flimflam: pic time and then I am ready but...should Fwwix be interviewed with me ?
Wirxli Flimflam: this is where i am confused
Wirxli Flimflam: ageplay was the original idea
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheheheheheheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: I will blog this on the Fwwix blog
spinster Voom: cool
Wirxli Flimflam: sometime tomorrow

Fau departs for real life, and Wirxli begins to tell me a little about his relationship with Fwwixli ...
Wirxli Flimflam: it is all about optics
spinster Voom: visuals?
Wirxli Flimflam: and haptics ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: yep
Wirxli Flimflam: and touching ;-)
spinster Voom: haptics ...
spinster Voom: touching ....
spinster Voom: am now confused lol
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: j/k
spinster Voom: heehhee
Wirxli Flimflam: it would be rather controversial to have a haptic interface for our ageplay collaboration,, eh? ;-)
spinster Voom: could you explain what a haptic interface is?
Wirxli Flimflam: one that involves touching
Wirxli Flimflam: from what I understand
spinster Voom: ah! i see, yes VERY controversial!

Fwwixli arrives, to join the interview ...

Wirxli Flimflam: hey Fwwix!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hey dad
spinster Voom: hi fwwixli
Wirxli Flimflam: just talking about our fave subject..touching ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: you know, haptic interfaces
spinster Voom: do they actually exist?
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, in the 1990s they did
Wirxli Flimflam: out of fashion now
Wirxli Flimflam: not sure if anyone has made one for SL
spinster Voom: can't imagine them being very ... satisfying lol
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, kinda clunky
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..pic time
Wirxli Flimflam: hold that pose

spinster Voom: cool
spinster Voom: may i take a couple too?
Wirxli Flimflam: of course
Wirxli Flimflam: let me stand beside you both
Wirxli Flimflam: do you mind turning your back to the PR office for the pic?
Wirxli Flimflam: we will all pose in front of it
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I want to ride you dad
spinster Voom: yep, fire in background
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh...no wonder you are my very own, Fwwix -)
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: go ahead, Fwwix...hop on
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
spinster Voom: k, ready? ...
Wirxli Flimflam: I took a silent one
Wirxli Flimflam: pasting it to paint
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: nope
spinster Voom: that's better, u were riding ur dad's face! lol
Wirxli Flimflam: I need to take another one because you were looking the other way, Spin
Wirxli Flimflam: lol!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: on porpose !!!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: purpose even
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
spinster Voom: oh dear! lol! think this might be an interesting interview!
Wirxli Flimflam: let me walk closer to you
Wirxli Flimflam: and take a pic from another angle
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: DanCoyote is a great inspiration
Wirxli Flimflam: hehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahaha
spinster Voom: Dancoyote is an inspiration to Fwwix?
Wirxli Flimflam: is he, Fwwix?
Wirxli Flimflam: I took a good enough pic
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: internal artists joke
Wirxli Flimflam: I will just blog 2 pix
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, very internal
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I knew dad would laugh
Wirxli Flimflam: hehehehe
spinster Voom: k, i got a couple of ok ones too
Wirxli Flimflam: very predictable, I know
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: if you email them to me, I can blog them unless you plan to archive the pix yourself, Spin
spinster Voom: will do! i have a flickr account too, but i've only just joined - don't think my pics show up yet
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...np
spinster Voom: ok...
spinster Voom: before we get too "free range" ...
Wirxli Flimflam: k...
spinster Voom: i do need answers to the three questions from you both ...
Wirxli Flimflam: of course
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ok
spinster Voom: ok... how would you describe your work?
Wirxli Flimflam: I describe my work as conceptual and paternal ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: but you want more than that, right?
spinster Voom: that's fine for these three q's, short is fine
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: controvertional ,homourous
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: ok, great...
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
spinster Voom: next ... who is your greatest influence?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: excuse my spelling I havn't started school yet
Wirxli Flimflam: my daughter and the hyper-liberal tolerance of Lindens and Furries towards the ageplay community
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, Fwwix has learned to write before she learned to red
Wirxli Flimflam: read
Wirxli Flimflam: hahahahaha
spinster Voom: is your answer a little tongue in cheek, wirxli?
Wirxli Flimflam: ummm..well..
Wirxli Flimflam: that answer is maybe only describing one influence
Wirxli Flimflam: but it related to our collaboration for your show more directly
Wirxli Flimflam: it is related...
Wirxli Flimflam: exactly, Fwwix
spinster Voom: aha ... have i had an answer to that one from you, fwwix?
Wirxli Flimflam: my answers are always targeted towards the context of the interviewer
spinster Voom: how do you see my context?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: sec
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'm the sidekick
Wirxli Flimflam: well, I see this as a collaboration between myself and Fwwix for your exhibition project
spinster Voom: ok
spinster Voom: cool
spinster Voom: third then ...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'm trying to dig my memory for well known side kicks
Wirxli Flimflam: Robin...
Wirxli Flimflam: Tonto
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: no no
spinster Voom: who would you most like to collaborate with?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: there was this american tv show about this guy who has a tv talk show
Wirxli Flimflam: other than my daughter?
Wirxli Flimflam: Regis, Fwwix?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: his sidekick was bald and had a moustache
Wirxli Flimflam: ummmm..hmmm..dunno
spinster Voom: yes, but i have noted that your daughter is a favourite collaborator
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
Wirxli Flimflam: but you want me to add an additional collaborator that I would love to work with?
spinster Voom: if there is one
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: just been in the right place at the right time
spinster Voom: appropriate to this context
Wirxli Flimflam: Alan Dojoji...I have asked him but no firm reply
Wirxli Flimflam: hopefully, also Fau Ferdinand
spinster Voom: you can always get back to me if you think of anyone else
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: right now ...
spinster Voom: could you tell me about how your foster relationshi[p came about?
Wirxli Flimflam: well, the whole story is on our blog
Wirxli Flimflam: but..I read this article in the Ava-Star about adoption and thought it was time to finally adopt
Wirxli Flimflam: so with the help of my artist friend, Fau Ferdinand, i was able to locate Fwwixli
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I only do it for the drugz !!!!
Wirxli Flimflam: and now here we are
spinster Voom: lol
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, I drug her enough so she still wants to stay with me
spinster Voom: so can you describe your relationship a bit pls?
Wirxli Flimflam: ummmm...can we?
spinster Voom: yes i think she was a little faceless yesterday! lol
Wirxli Flimflam: yes!
Wirxli Flimflam: well, we deal drugs together..you know, family income, that sort of thing
Wirxli Flimflam: I am a hyper-liberal
spinster Voom: mmhmm...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: rez ixxli
Wirxli Flimflam: we do not think ageplay should be banned...no one understands that
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...allow me to introduce you to iixlii
Wirxli Flimflam: my drug dealer for Fwwix Aid
Wirxli Flimflam: these days, I need iixlii to raise money for bodyguards
spinster Voom: yes, Fwwixli was saying yesterday that she feels ageplay should be allowed here because it's all consenting adults
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: click on ixxli spinster
Wirxli Flimflam: all adults for real?
iixlii - Wirxli's drug dealer 4 Fwwix Aid: Enjoy.
iixlii - Wirxli's drug dealer 4 Fwwix Aid gave you absynthe.
spinster Voom: mmm absinth at 9.30 am! lol
Wirxli Flimflam: mmm..did you tip for charity? sorry to be crass
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe best way to sart a day
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh I find absinthe to be a bit too mild
spinster Voom: well, yes, that is a concern isn't it? both my kids have managed to get accounts on sl
Wirxli Flimflam: wow!
spinster Voom: no, do i just pay you?
Wirxli Flimflam: on the teen grid? the tween grid or...

we are joined by Wirxli's friend and fellow artist, Gumnosophistai Nurmi...

Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Gumno
spinster Voom: no, here!
Wirxli Flimflam: just pay iixlii
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, so there you go
iixlii - Wirxli's drug dealer 4 Fwwix Aid: Thank you, spinster Voom, for the tip!
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks!
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: soemhow unstable :-)
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: hello
Wirxli Flimflam: that will go towards bodyguard services
Wirxli Flimflam: hey Gumno
Wirxli Flimflam: we are all unstable here
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: the sim is not all right its brown on map?
spinster Voom: yes, i saw your bodyguard at Gazira's exhib ... quite scary!
Wirxli Flimflam: that is the usual grid crash, Gum
Wirxli Flimflam: scary? naw, he is a professional
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: saw you had a gig for AOM :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: Spin, can I TP my colleague , Tran?
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, Gum, can you make it?
spinster Voom: yes, he looked very professional i must say! ... so, your collaboration ...
spinster Voom: yes of course
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: Probably. I will have a show in Bonn from 11th
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: should be back in front of computer before the 17th, was it?
Wirxli Flimflam is Offline
spinster Voom: oops! where's your daddy gone?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: he crashed
spinster Voom: oh dear
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: good its not only me... i crash every 15 minutes
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: this patch is the worst ever !!!!!
spinster Voom: sl has been pants since the update
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: Ah, this is Wirxlis place
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: you don't know half of it spin
Wirxli Flimflam is Online
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: he is back
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: let fau tell you what she's going through
spinster Voom: wb wirxli
Wirxli Flimflam: sorry about that...I crashed
spinster Voom: yes, Fau mentioned some probs
Wirxli Flimflam: not sure where we left off
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: was just lurking around, didnt now this is your PR office
Wirxli Flimflam: this problem was local..RL wireless connection failure
Wirxli Flimflam: synchronicity, eh Gumno? ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, it is
spinster Voom: i was going to ask you more about your collaboration ...
Wirxli Flimflam: welcome :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh wireless oh wireless oh wireless
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
spinster Voom: hi gum :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: oh superman
Wirxli Flimflam: oh yeah, this is Gumno :-)
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: hello spinster
Wirxli Flimflam: I should have introduced you
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh mom and dad
spinster Voom: pleased to meet you
Wirxli Flimflam: we are in the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse together
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: mom and daaad
Wirxli Flimflam: Mommy is not here Fwwix
spinster Voom: ah! yes! Max has told me all about that
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I was singing
spinster Voom: he's interested in Pages too
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: i got almost beaten by his bodyguards as well
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh..ok
Wirxli Flimflam: kewl
Wirxli Flimflam: sorry about that Gum
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: :-)
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: is a game, afterall
Wirxli Flimflam: I did not know you then and you bumped into my personal space so my guard and me had every reason to be paranoid
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: sure enough
Wirxli Flimflam: I trust you now :-0
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: I am still blue
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: blue is a good colour
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah,.from all the bruises...and Fwwixli has gang green but I will not explain why
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: exactly
spinster Voom: gang green???
Wirxli Flimflam: j/k, Fwwix
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: funny thing, I never heard of Blue Man Group before entering here, and now i look like one
Wirxli Flimflam: it is really all the chain smoking that did it to Fwwix
spinster Voom: no, u look much cooler
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: thanks
Wirxli Flimflam: I saw Blue Man Group in Vegas in RL...
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, you are much better
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: i make better music too
Wirxli Flimflam: great!
spinster Voom: :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: what? you do not play with that box of cereal?
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: http://www.expandedfield.net/
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks!
spinster Voom: so... if i can be sensible for a moment ...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: have i got this right ...
spinster Voom: you two have formed a "familial" relationship ...
Wirxli Flimflam: yes...exactly
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: okay, ill leave the sensible stuff to you .-)
Gumnosophistai Nurmi: c u later
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheh
spinster Voom: as a kind of comment on Linden's attitude to age-play?
Wirxli Flimflam: keep in touch Gumno
spinster Voom: bye gum
Wirxli Flimflam: we are who we are
spinster Voom: ok...
Wirxli Flimflam: ageplay is an influence
Wirxli Flimflam: the last taboo for SL to transcend over RL culture
Wirxli Flimflam: to be 18 months ahead of mainstream RL society
spinster Voom: ah ... i must admit it does make me feel somewhat ... uncomfortable
spinster Voom: that is your intention?
Wirxli Flimflam: what makes you feel uncomfortable?
spinster Voom: the whole idea of age play...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: her kids silly
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh..oh..right
spinster Voom: this is in no way a criticism of what you are doing
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...are you sure?
spinster Voom: yes, i suppose because i have kids muyself
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: on sl too
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah
Wirxli Flimflam: I have a kid in RL
spinster Voom: no, i think good art should not shy away from the uncomfortable
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: not on sl
Wirxli Flimflam: nope
Wirxli Flimflam: just Fwwix
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: good
spinster Voom: am too much of a kid here myself lol
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheh...
spinster Voom: but your work must make a lot of people .... squirm a bit!
Wirxli Flimflam: not many people have seen our work
Wirxli Flimflam: we are just getting to know each other first
Wirxli Flimflam: and I think for your show, we are finally able to collaborate together on something artistic for you
spinster Voom: that would be great
spinster Voom: i was saying to fwwix yesterday...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...
spinster Voom: that what i would really like to set up for the exhib
spinster Voom: is a rl/sl tie-in
spinster Voom: screen projection from sl...
Wirxli Flimflam: oh...
spinster Voom: streamed video from the gallery
Wirxli Flimflam: SL to RL, right?
Wirxli Flimflam: great
spinster Voom: you'd be ok with that?
Wirxli Flimflam: need to clarify
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: both ways no ?
Wirxli Flimflam: what we do in SL, will be broadcast/projected into RL, right?
spinster Voom: so people in the gallery could enjoy some performances from sl
Wirxli Flimflam: yes
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: kewl
Wirxli Flimflam: as long as there is no RL from me and Fwwix
spinster Voom: and people on sl could enjoy some performances from the gallery
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, I think we would prefer that our work is broadcast also into an RL gallery
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: absolutely not
spinster Voom: you would just be wirxli and fwwix
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: about rl identities that was dad
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..I am kewl with that
Wirxli Flimflam: I was hoping that we would have RL projection
Wirxli Flimflam: :-)
spinster Voom: i still have to sort out ALL the technical details lol
Wirxli Flimflam: when is the show again?
spinster Voom: any advice gratefully received
Wirxli Flimflam: where in London is it again?

mention of London sets off Fwwixli's gesture mania once again ...

Fwwixli Swindlehurst: London....
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...so secret...
spinster Voom: the show opens on 7th June, but for this event i think we will do a different night...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...controller of this vast network...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...
Wirxli Flimflam: hehehe..Fwwix!
spinster Voom: we have a few performance events to organise
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...upon who's shoulders...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...ever alert...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...cut away you fool!
spinster Voom: but it will be in june
Wirxli Flimflam: what is the name of the RL gallery in London?
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: notice gallery, deptford
Wirxli Flimflam: I am not sure what my RL situation will be like then but we can work it out
Wirxli Flimflam: kewl
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks
spinster Voom: it's a small, conventional white space
Wirxli Flimflam: kewl
spinster Voom: in a run-down, but arty bit of London
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheh
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
Wirxli Flimflam: does Fau know where it is, fwwix?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: east ?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: nooooo
spinster Voom: this will be something a bit ... different for the folks! lol
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
spinster Voom: yes, south-east
Wirxli Flimflam: we beg 2 differ
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: no, seriously, they may not know what's hit them!
Wirxli Flimflam: I would expect London's scene to be progressive since it is such a big urban city...world center..you know, Damien Hirst does not even shock them anymore etc etc
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: tracy emin dad
Wirxli Flimflam: am I wrong? deluded?
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok
spinster Voom: true, but within the context of this exhibition, i think this will stand out a bit
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: what is the other stuff in the exhibition like/
Wirxli Flimflam: ?
spinster Voom: there is one more thing i need from you both ...
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
spinster Voom: well, i have a theremin artist and a code artist, but most of the other researchers are looking at more conventional stuff... painters ... video ... sculpture ... complete micx
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok..will we be the only SL artists?
spinster Voom: yes, there is a consent form we need to do ... very standard stuff
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: are you the age of consent yet, Fwwix?
spinster Voom: no, Max has said he'd like to do the Avatar Orchestrea
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: consent ?
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok...an orchestra piece too would be kewl and yes, you should sing for that Fwwix
Wirxli Flimflam: hmmmm.
spinster Voom: yes, just to say you agree to have your stuff in the exhib
Wirxli Flimflam: fwwix might not be old enough for your show
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: I can sign that
spinster Voom: i think we can get away with it ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: I am herlegal guardian after all..I can sign for her
Wirxli Flimflam: *her legal
spinster Voom: would be good for Wirxli to sign for Fwwix
Wirxli Flimflam: yes
spinster Voom: cool
Wirxli Flimflam: makes sense
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheheheh
spinster Voom: but i do need a postal address
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks
spinster Voom: ok, thank you both for your time...
Wirxli Flimflam: ..and thank you
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)))
spinster Voom: and a great interview! ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: phew! ok
Wirxli Flimflam: never know what to say when my daughter is around
spinster Voom: will leave you to enjoy some family time together :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: No but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: no but,
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yeah
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..I am going offline to sleep
spinster Voom: lol give her more drugs!
Wirxli Flimflam: offworld. that is
spinster Voom: sleep well
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, fwwix will narc out and I will sleep the organic way..alcohol only ;-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: me too
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks!
Wirxli Flimflam: I actually live in SL time so it is 1:58 AM here
Wirxli Flimflam: and I have serious sleep dep
Wirxli Flimflam: need 2 shake it off
spinster Voom: oh yes ... and do please let me know when there's a second front performance coming up
Wirxli Flimflam: will do
spinster Voom: thx
Wirxli Flimflam: TBA at the moment
Wirxli Flimflam: one might be at OSMOSA
Wirxli Flimflam: we also have one that will not be publicized at all
Wirxli Flimflam: that latter one is an intervention on a corporate space
Wirxli Flimflam: which is why we would not publicize it because we would want to surprise them
spinster Voom: k, sounds great! bye both! have fun and/or sleep xxx
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I want in
Wirxli Flimflam: Fwwix, you can tag along for that corporate project for sure
Wirxli Flimflam: you are old enough for interventions
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: see you spinster
Wirxli Flimflam: see ya, Spin

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grand Opening at the Think Factory

I dropped by the Think Factory on Sunday for their grand opening carnival. They had some art, freebies, sick-making rides, a busy sandbox and this lovely elephant.
While there, I met Hay Ah, who was busily filling the sandbox with "circlies". These little objects are made up of three nested spheres which are programmed to change colour randomly. The basic construction could be very useful in working out how to create the Chromophonemium in Second Life later on this year.

Hay very kindly gave me a copy of a Circly which I took it over to Odyssey to experiment with, and met Miulew, Bingo and Evo. Shown here is a two sphere version of the Circly. Each sphere is transparent on the outside, similar to cell-shaded prim builds, so that the inside spheres can be seen.

At a recent AOM concert, Evo apparently had the opportunity to admire the prim construction of my skirt from an artist's perspective. More of Evo's pictures can be found here