Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All n00bs are Sailors Video

Crank up the bass, folks! another of Evo Szuyuan's wonderful videos ... Fau Ferdinand (aka Yael Gilks) and Gazira Babeli's All n00bs are Sailors, as performed on 28 June for PgUp ...

poor, poor Hopi and Wirxli!

Monday, July 09, 2007

More PgUp Pics and Audio

Miulew Takahe of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Marco Manray have both posted some great PgUp photos over on the Odyssey art site ...

here is Miulew's image of Gazira Babeli at Douglas Story's Chambers and Landscapes installation on June 30. More of Miulew's pictures can be seen here

and this image, by Marco Manray, shows Fau Ferdinand performing the terrifying All n00bs Are Sailors on June 28. More of Marco's images can be found here

There is some rl video in the pipeline, I promise! Meanwhile, Miulew has podcast some wonderful sound recordings from Avatar Orchestra Metaverse's performances for PgUp:

from 28 June ...
Rue Blanche

and from 30 June ...
Rue Blanche
SLippery SLope
Vickys Remix

You can listen to all of AOM's podcasts here