Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grand Opening at the Think Factory

I dropped by the Think Factory on Sunday for their grand opening carnival. They had some art, freebies, sick-making rides, a busy sandbox and this lovely elephant.
While there, I met Hay Ah, who was busily filling the sandbox with "circlies". These little objects are made up of three nested spheres which are programmed to change colour randomly. The basic construction could be very useful in working out how to create the Chromophonemium in Second Life later on this year.

Hay very kindly gave me a copy of a Circly which I took it over to Odyssey to experiment with, and met Miulew, Bingo and Evo. Shown here is a two sphere version of the Circly. Each sphere is transparent on the outside, similar to cell-shaded prim builds, so that the inside spheres can be seen.

At a recent AOM concert, Evo apparently had the opportunity to admire the prim construction of my skirt from an artist's perspective. More of Evo's pictures can be found here

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