Saturday, June 16, 2007

PgUp Artist: Fau Ferdinand

Over the next few days, I will be adding profiles of the artists taking part in PgUp - a fundraising event for Pages Exhibition.
Today ... Fau Ferdinand ...

On a beautiful sunny day in Second Life (ain't they all!), I teleported across the ocean to Fau Ferdinand's peaceful open air studio on Magenta North Beach, Neo Goa Island. Against a soundscape of crashing waves, with the sea breeze ruffling our prim-hair, the artist showed me around her latest work in progress ...

Fau Ferdinand: hello :)
spinster Voom: hi, good to meet you at last
Fau Ferdinand: same here :)
spinster Voom: is this your place?
Fau Ferdinand: one of them
Fau Ferdinand: on stage there is a screen
Fau Ferdinand: do you see the movie ?

On the screen, a red hot avatar dances endlessly, pelvis gyrating, as the camera zooms in sexily from below ...

spinster Voom: this is one of your video pieces?
Fau Ferdinand: my concept , gazira babeli shot and edited
Fau Ferdinand: this is my first go at that
Fau Ferdinand: it's a loop
Fau Ferdinand: unfinished
Fau Ferdinand: first draft
spinster Voom: ah, so can you tell me about the concept behind it?
Fau Ferdinand: it's called All noobs are Sailors
spinster Voom: all noobs are sailors ... lol ... go on ...
Fau Ferdinand: the avatar I used is a siren
spinster Voom: aha ...
spinster Voom: calling noobs to their doom?
Fau Ferdinand: living here
Fau Ferdinand: we get n00bs coming out of the sea all the time
Fau Ferdinand: I built this n00b and seafood soup pot

Fau guides me back over to the shoreline, where a large soup-pot simmers on a driftwood fire ...

spinster Voom: ?
Fau Ferdinand: here :)
Fau Ferdinand: sit on it
spinster Voom: on the pot? is it safe?

With trepidation, i "sit" on the pot, which animates me so that I am dancing and hopping in the hot water ...

Fau Ferdinand: hehe
spinster Voom: heehee
Fau Ferdinand: any way I mix that animation with some acrobatic gestures

Fau demonstrates some of her acrobatics ...

spinster Voom: wow, u very actrobatic
Fau Ferdinand: :))
spinster Voom: k, tell me when i'm cooked
Fau's n00b pot whispers: Alert on
spinster Voom: what's it doing?
Fau's n00b pot whispers: spinster Voom 0m
Fau Ferdinand: the alert ?
spinster Voom: yes
Fau Ferdinand: scans for avatars in the proximity
Fau's n00b pot whispers: spinster Voom 0m
Fau Ferdinand: gives their distance from it
Fau's n00b pot whispers: spinster Voom 0m
spinster Voom: k, i'm not gonna burst into flames then? lol
Fau Ferdinand: nope
Fau Ferdinand: that's it
Fau Ferdinand: the finished product will be a dvd
Fau Ferdinand: with sound

Personally, I can't wait ...

For the Pages Exhibition, each of our artists is answering a set of three questions, and providing us with a self-portrait and an image of the place they work, or sit and dream. Fau's beautiful self-portrait is at the top of this post. Here's her question responses ...

How would you describe your work?
"All N00bs are Sailors"
Techno- barbarian ... it's a collaboration with Gazira Babeli, the hottest artist in SL ATM, who shot, edited and added sound to the movie.
Gazira described the movie as hypnotical
The avatar I used is a deep sea siren by Flea Bussy plus some additional attachments
Living here (Neo Goa Island and retreat, magenta north beach) we have n00bs coming out of the sea all the time.
I've built an animated n00b and sea food soup pot, trying to lure them into their doom :)))

Who is your main influence?
Einsturzende Neubauten and Anat Shen

With whom would you most like to collaborate?
Second Front

and here is a picture of Fau's space ...

"This is my sl studio and thinking space, I love it because it's portable. I've been globe trotting in 2005 and a laptop was all I needed to have a home away from home."

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