Sunday, June 24, 2007

PgUp Artists: Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

OPEN REHEARSAL TODAY!! - June 24, 11am, Virtual Haidplatz, Odyssey

A recent Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performance in Virtual Haidplatz, Odyssey
For the Pages Exhibition, each of our artists is answering a set of three questions, and providing us with a self-portrait and an image of the place they work, or sit and dream, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

how would you describe your work?

Maxmillian Nakamura (SL), Shintaro Miyazaki (RL): I work in the field of soundart especially the perception of noise and sounds. My genre is called pragmatic electroacoustica. As a member of Laptoporchester Berlin I collaborate with other soundartists and musicians in Berlin and elsewhere. That is where the idea of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse can be derived: An ensemble of musicians dispersed all over the world, connected through Second Life and exploring the artistic and social aspects of such a musical project.
self - portrait: Maximillian Namakura

Bluewave Ogee: As a new kind of artist, a virtual cyborg social networking artist exploring the artistic possibilities of interconnections between SL and RL experiences & perceptions - visually, aurally, viscerally, neurochemically - :-) ... music, music of the spheres, music of the metaverses, and so forth. Not a revolution but rather a transformation. Those should be verbs..not nouns ... not static.

Bingo Onomatopoeia: An incredible experiment - new instruments, new space, globally distributed. I love doing something for THE FIRST TIME - in My life, I mean. We are playing with the technology ... playing like with instruments - a transformation into a new medium.

Miulew Takahe: I think this way of working brings in very healthy doses of curiosity and joy - things impossible to be done - for let say 15 years ago - now are really reachable artistically. The work we do here is very much about communication.

Paco Mariani: Creative use of technical interfaces. In the end, art is a synonym for interfaces. SL is a sand box for us, probably, and after years of simulation with analog tech we´re able to do our job simultaneously, digitally, and the content isn't the problem.

Max's RL self portrait: Shintaro Miyazaki

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

Maximillian Nakamura: Nam June Paik, John Cage, Ikeda Ryoji, Otomo Yoshihide, the mego gang, John Oswald, Carsten Nicolai, Classical German Music, Jodi, we make money not art, Curtis Roads, Friedrich Kittler.

Bingo Onomatopoeia: My own brain/mind :-) My imagination and what I see/hear in RL.

Paco Mariani: The transport of ideas.

Bluewave Ogee: Interconnected growing of ideas...improvising.

Miulew Takahe: The transformation of ideas into different expressions. Sometimes those ideas are so loose but they all tend to grow much faster in places like SL.

self portrait: Loop Luo

With whom would you most like to collaborate?

Maximillian Nakamura: Otomo Yoshihide, John Oswald, Sony, MOMA, ICC Tokyo, MIT, DEAF, Sonar, Transmediale, Ars Electronica

self-portrait: Bluewave Ogee

Bluewave Ogee: With my AOM friends! :-) With people whose paths I'd never be able to cross in RL! And there are so many people who have never let themselves explore music and art in RL -- and yet, somehow, here in SL they feel more willing to take a risk, take a chance, dive into communication (art) with others....It's marvelously liberating and creative. A new expression superhighway...with side eddies of beauty of course... :-)
Choirs ... I cannot wait until we can try that! Maybe using Skype or other VOIP.. but imagine a metaverse choral..choir..voices in=mprovising in real time together...The SL folkmusic, anthems, born here and only possible here! :-)

Bingo Onomatopoeia: Anybody who is open-minded and creative and the ppl in SL/AOM

Miulew Takahe: I also would love to collaborate with some dancers because it is a bit hard to both play and do the hip dances at same time, but i think Bingo and others are working on that too. I would love to collaborate some more with live VJ.s or live SL FXs makers.

Paco Mariani: With the crew of Ars Electronica.

AOM rehearsal showing the HUD for Max's "Fadheit" composition

AOM rehearsal showing the HUD for Miulew's "Rue Blanche" composition

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