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PgUp Performances Saturday 30 June - Part 2

So, my last post was about Douglas Story's "Chambers and Landscapes", the next post will be about Avatar Orchestra Metaverse's performance, but today, I will cover Wirxli Flimflam and Fwwixli Swindlehurst's "Ageplay Performance Residue #1"

Actually, Wirxli beat me to it on the blogging front - you can read his account, and view a video of the performance by DannyDarko Raymaker here

Wirxli Flimflam, of avatar performance art group Second Front is the sl foster father of iritating brat Fwwixli Swindlehurst. You can read all about their familial ups and downs on their blog. Today, in Fwwixli's first ever performance with her daddy, she will build in public following Wirxli's guidance.

As we arrive in Dethomas Dibou's workspace above Virtual Haidplatz, which he has kindly made into a beautiful white space for Wirxli and Fwixli's performance, the topic of conversation still seems to be drugs ...

Gazira Babeli: ACID?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: now
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehehe
Man Michinaga: Apspirins and Mountain Dew!
Wirxli Flimflam: oh, I could do with some aspirin and poweder too for my nose
Juria Yoshikawa: aaaacchhooo
Wirxli Flimflam: *powder
Chi5 Shenzhou: i thought you were straightedge, wirx ^o^
Wirxli Flimflam: uhhhh....well...uhhh....no narx in the audience, right?
Juria Yoshikawa: gotta happy feelin
Miulew Takahe: wirxli -- - there is much talk about drugs today - - what happened?
Wirxli Flimflam: it is called "too early in the morning not to do drugs", Miulew
Wirxli Flimflam: :-)
Miulew Takahe: ahhh i see - - ! ;)
Wirxli Flimflam: Danny always gets a breath of fresh morning air in Rome to keep him perky ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: the coke is already in your air, Danny - you get it for free
DannyDarko Raymaker: sure and u can see the results:D it also going inside my computer
DannyDarko Raymaker: that's the crash was 4th
Miulew Takahe: /i got some acid down at Haidplatz one hour ago
Man Michinaga: ahahah
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh..quite the expensive computer...a snow crash?

I "force sun" to noon so that I get a good view of the performance. Meanwhile, Gazira, DannyDarko and Man set themselves on fire while waiting for Wirxli and Fwwixli to start ...

DannyDarko Raymaker: sorry i cant manage this
DannyDarko Raymaker: how i can stop to burn?:D
Gazira Babeli: i like orange fire
DannyDarko Raymaker: me too!
DannyDarko Raymaker: but who gives it to me
DannyDarko Raymaker: ?
You: PMSL!!!!
Douglas Story: pmsl?
You: pee myself laughing
Fleep Tuque: laugh!
You: sorry doug a very ENGLISH expression
Douglas Story: you'll ruin your only frock, Spin!
You: i have two frocks so there
Miulew Takahe: Fwwixli -- -what are you doing! are you flying high?
Wirxli Flimflam: I will be flying high before this performance is over, Miulew
Wirxli Flimflam: oh, fwwixli is always high
Miulew Takahe: ;) nice Wirxli

At the start of the performance, Fwwixli rezzes a sculptie, which I think may be a little too ambitious as a starting point for her first public build ...

Wirxli Flimflam: it is kind of a non-linear performance
Man Michinaga: It's SL's hottest performance today!~
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'm tasting the lag
Wirxli Flimflam: the lag is tasty
Man Michinaga: tastes like chicken
You: shall we announce you yet in rl?
Wirxli Flimflam: sure...

Gin Dunscombe announces Wirxli and Fwwixli's "Ageplay Performance Residue #1" in Notice Gallery, and explains a little bit about ageplay to the real life audience ...

Susi Spicoli: is this being broadcasted into RL?
Susi Spicoli: (need to get my makeup right)
Wirxli Flimflam: yep, in London, Susi
Man Michinaga: Ony in Louisiana
Miulew Takahe: London receiving, Susi! ;)
Man Michinaga: and London
Susi Spicoli: how cool.
Oblique Strategies: How would you explain this to your parents?
Oblique Strategies: Slow preparation, fast execution
Susi Spicoli waves to her friends in London
Wirxli Flimflam: ahhh...the first question is most important "how would you explain this to your parents, Fwwixli"?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: London....
You: london waves back!!
DannyDarko Raymaker: London rules!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...so secret...
Wirxli Flimflam: the Oblique Strategies also says that we gotta perform this fast
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...controller of this vast network...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...
Susi Spicoli: hehe
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...upon who's shoulders...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...ever alert...
Susi Spicoli: I am getting very warm...
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...cut away you fool!
Man Michinaga: aahah
DannyDarko Raymaker: say cheese
Miulew Takahe: ;;) so goood - -the secret networks! ;)
Man Michinaga: hottest ticket in town
Douglas Story: /Wirxli is Ruthed to me...very sexy!
Gazira Babeli: how many avi could seat on a box?
Man Michinaga: We were all ruthed at Eno last night.
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe the horror
You: on one box gaz?
You: or one each?
Gazira Babeli: one
You: big box?
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh..am I still ruthed, Douglas?
Gazira Babeli: this one

hmmm ... six, I'd have thought, Gazira,one on each side, which would be almost as cozy as hopping onto "Come Together" with your friends ...

Wirxli Flimflam: I am Dr. Ruth
You: i see you fine wirxli
Douglas Story gave you Wirxli Ruthed.
Wirxli Flimflam: maybe we can make some seats for y'all
Susi Spicoli: I am getting all transfixed by the rythm..
Man Michinaga: I like the box
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks for the Dr. Ruth texture, Douglas

for the non sl residents reading this blog, I should explain ... sometimes your shape doesn't load properly ... sometimes you appear as default library woman (whether you are male or female) ... her name is Ruth ...

Original image by Douglas Story.

Zodial Semple: lol
Gazira Babeli: yes .. a box is a simple concept
Wirxli Flimflam: k...Spin, did you want to introduce us and then I can explain the performance?
Man Michinaga: be there or be octagonal
Wirxli Flimflam: I like to think outside the box...er....away from it
You: notice guests would like to know if wirx is male or female?
Wirxli Flimflam: uhhhh..I am....uhhhh...
Wirxli Flimflam: SLemale
Gazira Babeli: Lindens are sexists
Miulew Takahe: and how about Fwwixli- -male or female?
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, Phillip is such a guy,e h?
Miulew Takahe: or SLemale
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I'm a girl !!!!
Wirxli Flimflam: Fwwixli is rather sensitive about that
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: boys are smelly
Chi5 Shenzhou: sugar, maybe phil will make a cameo?
Miulew Takahe: sorry, Fw... i should now better..
You: good job you told us!!
Wirxli Flimflam: maybe Phil's alt is here?
Chi5 Shenzhou: yeah, but he's hiding
Wirxli Flimflam: Phil is probably hanging out with Eno in RL somewhere....sniff!
Chi5 Shenzhou: sugar won't pull him out of her inventory.
You: so fwwix is building under wirxli's direction?
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
Oblique Strategies: How would you have done it?
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, welcome to our performance "Ageplay Performance Residue #1"
Wirxli Flimflam: Fwwixli is my daughter in SL
Oblique Strategies: Take a break
Wirxli Flimflam: http://fwwixliwirxli.blogspot.com/
Wirxli Flimflam: anyways, she is going to build for Daddy today
Wirxli Flimflam: normally this happens in private but today...
Wirxli Flimflam: we have a public audience
Wirxli Flimflam: since I got nervous about doing this in public, I got a free copy of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies game last night
Oblique Strategies: Look at a very small object, look at its centre
Oblique Strategies: List the qualities it has. List those you'd like.
Wirxli Flimflam: so, I will click on it to get words of wisdom for what to build and how to conduct myself with Fwwixli in front of a public audience
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, if everyone clicks on it, I might get a little flaky
Oblique Strategies: Imagine the music as a moving chain or caterpillar
Oblique Strategies: Ask people to work against their better judgement
Wirxli Flimflam: I will just pay attention to the words of wisdom that I click on
Wirxli Flimflam: hmmm..so now I will ask you to work against your better judgement ;-)
Oblique Strategies: Magnify the most difficult details
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ok dad
Wirxli Flimflam: no details to magnify yet
Wirxli Flimflam: oh, I will not always listen to the Oblique Strategies
Wirxli Flimflam: k..are we ready Fwwix?
Wirxli Flimflam: k..let me click on it now
Oblique Strategies: Idiot glee (?)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yessssss
Wirxli Flimflam: idiot glee?
Wirxli Flimflam: uhhhh..is this a prank?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: laggg
Wirxli Flimflam: I will click it again
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, let me ask how to deal with lag for the first object I want you to build
Oblique Strategies: Don't be afraid of things because they're easy to do
Wirxli Flimflam: k..great!
Wirxli Flimflam: I love easy things to build
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: me too
Wirxli Flimflam: k....can we start by building a simple pink lolli for me, Fwwixli?

You: eep!
You: go for it!
spinster Voom gets nervous ...

Fwwixli has abandoned her sculptie cube and is now editing a squashed plywood sphere ...

Susi Spicoli: you can do it!
Wirxli Flimflam: what size do you want, sweetums?
Wirxli Flimflam: I guess that size is good for the first
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: any thick stripe texture anyone ?
Wirxli Flimflam: maybe you can copy it and rez a whole bunch of them in a pile near the center
Wirxli Flimflam: do you have the American Flag texture in your inventory?
Wirxli Flimflam: let me see if I have one
Wirxli Flimflam: this first lolli might take awhile, but then it gets easier
Wirxli Flimflam: any requests for objects for Fwwixli to make, audience?
Wirxli Flimflam: I tried to pass you a texture Fwwix but it did not seem to transfer
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: it lags like hell
Sugar Seville: can you make a ping pong ball?
Wirxli Flimflam: I think she is halfway to building one of those already

Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, super laggy here
Susi Spicoli: for me it's fast, looking good
Susi Spicoli: make a lindwurm
Wirxli Flimflam: any requests for objects from the RL gallery in London?
You: i have no lag everytrhing looks great!
Wirxli Flimflam: what is a lindwurm?
Oblique Strategies: Remove the middle, extend the edges
You: asking ...
Susi Spicoli: a mysterious being, long, like a worm
You: elephant! haha
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..there you go..but how do we remove the middle?
You: shoes
Susi Spicoli: but less offensive, more on the cuddly side
Sugar Seville: sim stats look normal - probably network lag
Wirxli Flimflam: pink elephant?
You: big slippers?
Susi Spicoli: pink elephant is cool too
Wirxli Flimflam: hmmmm...
You: u really going for the elephant??
Susi Spicoli: we can teach him to dance later
Wirxli Flimflam: some of this might be too much to build in so short a time
Wirxli Flimflam: Spin, how much time do we have?
Wirxli Flimflam: I know we had to start late
You: 1/2 hour
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok
You: beachball
Wirxli Flimflam: so Fwwix my sweets, we will have to copy the object you are making and rez a whole bunch of them to speed things up a bit

Wirxli Flimflam: I guess I will make a beachball while Fwwix is building this thingie
Susi Spicoli: a lollipop
Wirxli Flimflam: nice lolli!
Wirxli Flimflam: yaaaay!
Susi Spicoli licks her lips, expectantly...
Wirxli Flimflam: can you make it pink when you are done, Fwwixli my dearie?
You: oh THAT sort of lolly!!! hahahahahaha!!!!
You: PHEW!!!!
Wirxli Flimflam: you know your Daddy luuuvz pink
Wirxli Flimflam: what kind of lolli were you thinking of, Spin?
You: erm .... a cute lil dolly?
Wirxli Flimflam: uh-huh
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh I'll pink it for dad
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks!
Wirxli Flimflam: you're such a doll, Fwwix!
Man Michinaga: wiil u share, fwix? ;)
You: green
Wirxli Flimflam: share?
Susi Spicoli: i like the beach colours

Pink lollis are food for thought for Lynda Brockbank of Crescent Lodge - the design consultant for Pages Exhibition ...

Man Michinaga: pink!
Wirxli Flimflam: uhhhh....
Man Michinaga: the pink lolli!
Wirxli Flimflam: kinda confused there, Man
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok
Oblique Strategies: Ghost echoes
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: that is as pink as it'll go
Oblique Strategies: Do we need holes?
Wirxli Flimflam: yeah, it is an all-day long
Wirxli Flimflam: one
Oblique Strategies: Emphasize repetitions
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: it looks yummy to me
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: if you don't want it
You: can i have an oblique strategies thing later wirx?
Wirxli Flimflam: sure thing, Spin
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: plenty of homeless ppl in london
Wirxli Flimflam: you can make copies for people, right Fwwix?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh yes
Wirxli Flimflam: I can give copies of Oblique Strategies to the homeless, no problem

Wirxli Flimflam: ok..here is my rather large beachball
You: it's a little ... flat wirx ...
Wirxli Flimflam: going to try and rez a few
Wirxli Flimflam: since this is a beach party after all
You: 2d
Wirxli Flimflam: oh...crud
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: take a copy
Wirxli Flimflam: what is wrong with 2D volleyball?
You: doug you got dressed!
You: nothing at all
Wirxli Flimflam: all the kids are playing it these days while surfing Facebook on their cell phones
Douglas Story: in RL, too...hehe
You: if that's what u intended :-)
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
Wirxli Flimflam: uhhhh...

The real life audience is captivated ... they point and stare ...

Oblique Strategies: Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics
Wirxli Flimflam: oh crap...do I have to make some 3D ones then?
Wirxli Flimflam: it said to remove ambiguities
Chi5 Shenzhou: 2d is ambiguous
Wirxli Flimflam: arrrghhhh!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh it's ok
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: 2d / 3d
Wirxli Flimflam: is there a lazy way to make my beachballs 3D or do I have to stretch it?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: blur
You: you can type the dimensions in

The Second Life audience watch in wonder as Wirxli and Fwwixli build ... even Douglas has woken up ...

You: i like them 2d
You: make them physical so we can kick them
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: and I thought steching was the lazy way
Gazira Babeli: yes i like 2d too... politically uncorrect
Chi5 Shenzhou: uncorrect is incorrect
Zodial Semple: :-)
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I don't like blue as a taste :(
You: blue is full of vitamins fwwixli!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: heh it's no mod
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: you know how to change the properties in your inventort
elderflower champagne whispers: the bubbles go up your nose :)
lior Humphreys: is the performance finished already
lior Humphreys: ?
Oblique Strategies: Remove the middle, extend the edges
Oblique Strategies: Is the tuning appropriate?
Miulew Takahe: lior - still running! ;))
Wirxli Flimflam: still going, Lior
lior Humphreys: hi wirx
Wirxli Flimflam: but we are under intense time pressure
lior Humphreys: ok
You: you have 5 mins?
Wirxli Flimflam: 5 mins????
Wirxli Flimflam: arrgh

You: build faster!!!
Nebbie Loon: are those Churros?
Man Michinaga: AHAHAHAH!
Man Michinaga: Make it faster!
Douglas Story: churros! ha!
Man Michinaga: More spped! More volume!
Wirxli Flimflam: I cannot rush my daughter!
Man Michinaga: More acid!
Man Michinaga: I love it!
Gazira Babeli: more more
Man Michinaga: GO GO GO!
DannyDarko Raymaker: more
You: yeah all take acid!
Wirxli Flimflam: productivity is the devil's vice!
DannyDarko Raymaker: run run
DannyDarko Raymaker: :D
Wirxli Flimflam: looks great, Fwwixli
Man Michinaga: VICE IN A VISE!
Wirxli Flimflam: can you send me a copy ASAP?
Wirxli Flimflam: please make it transferable and copyable
Wirxli Flimflam: and modifiable
Wirxli Flimflam: when you are ready
Wirxli Flimflam: and I will give some away and rez a bunch before we are done
Wirxli Flimflam: gawd, I am so stressed, I gotta consult the Oblique Strategies
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I can't
Wirxli Flimflam: what would Eno do in this situation?
Wirxli Flimflam: no?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: you left it non copy
Man Michinaga: make holes?
Wirxli Flimflam: arrrrghghghghgh!
Man Michinaga: YAY!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: there's a fix
Wirxli Flimflam: k
Wirxli Flimflam: where there's a Fwwix, there is a fix
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: edit the object
Wirxli Flimflam: k
Wirxli Flimflam: I will do
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: the rezzed one
Oblique Strategies: Do the last thing first
Oblique Strategies: Call your mother and ask her what to do.
Oblique Strategies: Remember those quiet evenings
Wirxli Flimflam: the red one you made or the purple one?
Oblique Strategies: You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas
Wirxli Flimflam: MOMMY!
Wirxli Flimflam: ooops,
Wirxli Flimflam: sorry
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..phew!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: the flag
Wirxli Flimflam: k
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: the one I'm next to
Wirxli Flimflam: k...
Man Michinaga: you don't have to be ashamed of using other people's ideas!
Wirxli Flimflam: k...put that you are allowed to copy and modify
Wirxli Flimflam: is it ready for me to take and give back to you?
Wirxli Flimflam: I think I gave you the right version
Wirxli Flimflam: a lolli forest it is

Wirxli Flimflam: who wants a pink lolli made by Fwwixli?
Zodial Semple: I do I do!
Wirxli Flimflam: I will pass those out while she builds the larger one
Miulew Takahe: I want one!! ;)
You: me!!!!
Oblique Strategies: Go slowly all the way round the outside
You: they're great lollis!
Wirxli Flimflam: my sweetie knows how to make the sweets
DannyDarko Raymaker: ;)
Wirxli Flimflam: I am passing the lollies out one by one..this might take awhile
Zodial Semple: Looks like something made by alil brat alright :-)p
Miulew Takahe: thank you Wirxli
You: thank you
Wirxli Flimflam: ooops Sorry Fwwix
Wirxli Flimflam: you have that already
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
DannyDarko Raymaker: thanks
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: am I logged ?
Wirxli Flimflam gave you giant pink lolly.
Wirxli Flimflam: you are here
You: yummmmm
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: it's so scary
Zodial Semple: aww I didn't get mine

You: lick lick
DannyDarko Raymaker: slurp
Wirxli Flimflam: oh, one sec
Zodial Semple: :-)
elderflower champagne whispers: the bubbles go up your nose :)
Wirxli Flimflam: ok...is the bigger lolli ready, fwwixli?
elderflower champagne whispers: the bubbles go up your nose :)
You: bigger lolli!!!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh no
Douglas Story: ow!
Wirxli Flimflam: oh ok
Douglas Story: careful with that, Chi!
You: hehehe
Chi5 Shenzhou: whoops!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: think those are mnms
Douglas Story: I'm being spanked with a lolly
Zodial Semple: hehe
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
You: should have made it physical so we could really do damage with them
Wirxli Flimflam: they are safe for kids
giant pink lolly: releasing controls
You: am sending ur chat to the lindens doug!
Wirxli Flimflam: I think they are kinds physical
Wirxli Flimflam: I am rezzing these for the hell of it
giant pink lolly: releasing controls
Man Michinaga: I can't eat this thing.
Wirxli Flimflam: they are good for something
lior Humphreys: sorry wirk i was away
Man Michinaga: It gets stuck im my torso
DannyDarko Raymaker: too sweet
lior Humphreys: what you gave me
You: do help yourselves to a PgUp programme and some wine from the table over there folks
lior Humphreys: btw
Wirxli Flimflam: no problem
Wirxli Flimflam: wine!
Wirxli Flimflam: there is wine?
You: elderflower champagne wirx
Man Michinaga: I can whine. Is that good enough?

Wirxli Flimflam: k...Fwwixli made some giant M&Ms instead
Wirxli Flimflam: let me pass those around
You: attach to head?
Wirxli Flimflam: who wants some M&Ms?
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: lior does
Wirxli Flimflam: k
DannyDarko Raymaker: yay!
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh
Wirxli Flimflam: Spin, did you get any M&Ms?
Man Michinaga: candyland!
You: k
Douglas Story: you know, the Disney lawyers are likely to be on you now, for trademark infringement.
Wirxli Flimflam: that is the idea..yaaay
Douglas Story: too close to Mickey!
Wirxli Flimflam: becuz the candyman can
Man Michinaga: I am impaled by sweetness
Wirxli Flimflam gave you giant m&m s.
DannyDarko Raymaker: ahahah
You: attach to nose!!!
You: hehe
You: wirxli and Fwwixli thank you so much!!
Wirxli Flimflam: no problemo
Wirxli Flimflam: can we leave these here?
You: yes please
You: can wirx and fwwix stand together for a pic please?
Wirxli Flimflam: ok..done
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :)
giant pink lolly: releasing controls
Wirxli Flimflam: guess I gotta get back down to the AOM concert
Zodial Semple claps
DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks Zodial
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yup
You: london claps in wonder
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks everyone for being here
Chi5 Shenzhou: thank you, wirx
Wirxli Flimflam: and now, for the champagne
You: can wirx and fwwix stand together for a pic please?
Man Michinaga: /hat
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks, Chi5
Wirxli Flimflam: ok
elderflower champagne whispers: the bubbles go up your nose :)
Wirxli Flimflam: how is this, Spin?
You: lol
You: can't see fwwix for lolly
Wirxli Flimflam: Fwwix, you might want to stand on my left
Wirxli Flimflam: to avoid the lolly
You: oh she's run away!
Wirxli Flimflam: not again!
Zodial Semple: you're supposed to be getting your pic taken fwwi
Fwwixli Swindlehurst: was just checking on zodi
You: come and get a photo done please fwwix
Zodial Semple: get over there *spats your huney with the lolli*
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh...it was hunney flavoured, wasn;t it?
Zodial Semple: :-)p

Well, I must say I thought that Fwwixli did tremendously well with her first public build, (especially considering how many drugs she had just consumed) and that Wirxli showed excellent parenting skills. I can see that Fwwix is going to become a very talented builder and performance artist, just like her daddy ;-)

After Ageplay Performance Residue #1, we head back down to Virtual Haidplatz using the slightly dodgy teleporter (my bad build, this one).
In Notice Gallery, real life performance artist Katrina Anderson draws the fundraising raffle, and we are treated to another excellent performance by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, but that is all for the next blog post.

Meanwhile, check out some more images by Bingo Onomatopoeia from the PgUp performances on Thursday 28 June here

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