Sunday, July 01, 2007

Real Life Pics from Thursday at Notice Gallery

Before the next mega-blog-post on Saturday's events, here are the first of the real-life photos from Thursday's PgUp screenings at the Notice Gallery. All pictures by Francesca Vilalta ...

Here I am enjoying a glass of real-life elderflower champagne

Gin Dunscombe keeps the audience informed with her announcements and commentary

Happy faces in the audience

A screen, a projection and a lighty-up mouse

The audience in a serious mood

Backs of heads

Typing so fast my hands are a blur

Artist David Howells takes some style tips from Bingo Onomatopoeia

Meanwhile, Miulew Takahe has uploaded an audio recording of Rue Blanche from Thursday's performance here, and Wirxli Flimflam, fresh back from the dead, has blogged about Thursday here

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