Sunday, July 22, 2007


This is just a very quick, but ENORMOUS thankyou to all who made PgUp possible -

- Fau Ferdinand and Gazira Babeli
- Wirxli Flimflam and Fwwixli Swindlehurst
- Douglas Story
- Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
- Katrina Anderson
- Odyssey and Pomodoro Bolzano for the fantastic venue
- Notice Gallery, London for the other fantastic venue
- everybody who donated raffle prizes
- everybody who has documented the events, especially those who are more together than I am with sorting out their video footage
- all the members of the Pages Exhibition team who helped out at Notice
- the audiences at both venues for their boundless enthusiasm and colourful asides
- my family for not strangling me
- anybody else I have forgotten

you are all stars!
spin xxx

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