Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another n00b bites the dust in Virtual Haidplatz...

It was a great pleasure at the weekend to welcome AdmiralOwen Merlin to Second Life. Admiral, a writer, attended PgUp at the Notice Gallery in Deptford. He is writing a piece on the exhibition and Second Life art and artists in general.
I met Admiral on Saturday in Virtual Haidplatz when he was a mere 48 hours old. Fau Ferdinand and Zodial Semple joined us and we encouraged Admiral to do his n00b duty and hop into Fau's All n00bs are Sailors pot ...

You: admiral did his n00b duty hehe
Zodial Semple: did he dance naked in it?
You: oh no forgot that bit
You: get back in!
AdmiralOwen Merlin: nope , clothes on . although the server has removed my clothes from time to time
Fau Ferdinand: yeah yeah
Zodial Semple: not truely initiated til you naked in the pot :-)p
Fau Ferdinand: all noobs blame the servers
You: he's not going to is he?

You: omg
Fau Ferdinand: hehe
AdmiralOwen Merlin: this is NOT going in the article
Fau Ferdinand: woohoo

Zodial Semple: I still see clothing
Fau Ferdinand: me too
You: yes c'mon hehe
You: lol what an intro to sl
AdmiralOwen Merlin: it wont let me go totally nekkid
AdmiralOwen Merlin: oh now it did
AdmiralOwen Merlin: almost
You: right click urself
AdmiralOwen Merlin: delay
You: remove clothing

You: weyhay!!!
Fau Ferdinand: that a noob :)
Zodial Semple: ok go on with your interview :-)

AdmiralOwen Merlin: phew
You: ah now do u know yet how to get dressed again?
Fau Ferdinand: nooo
Zodial Semple: lol
Fau Ferdinand: don't tell him
AdmiralOwen Merlin: too late
You: ah a wise n00b
AdmiralOwen Merlin: told ya i spent an hour or so practising!
Fau Ferdinand: don't you know the interview trick where you imagine
You: hehehe
Fau Ferdinand: the person interviewing you neekid ?
You: we have strong minds
AdmiralOwen Merlin: got ma sneaks back on
AdmiralOwen Merlin: interview continues!
Fau Ferdinand: yup :)

Thanks Admiral for being a great sport!

Fau told Admiral all about her work and Admiral asked a lot of hard questions about Second Life for his article. Meanwhile, Zodial recklessly rode her horse on the SLippery SLopes, DeThomas Dibou's marvellous structure built for the AOM performance of the same name (more on this below) ...

Later on, I attended the opening of Douglas Story's new installation, FlowerBall, with music by AldoManutio Abruzzo and scripting by Desdemona Enfield. To view the work, there were a few preferences that needed setting and a bit of a teleporter mystery tour, but it was all worth it ... this installation is amazing! If you haven't been yet, do go along, do set your preferences, take friends and try it in mouselook ...

AdmiralOwen attended later, when he had the opportunity to ask Douglas more about his work.

On Sunday evening, Admiral and I had the great honour of attending a special repeat Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performance of Wirxli Flimflam's SLippery SLope so that Evo Szuyuan could make a documentary video.
Unfortunately, I was having a few computer problems and didn't manage to get any pics, but Wirxli has written an excellent blogpost about the event here, and DADA Rau has archived some great pics and the chat history here.

Composer Wirxli Flimflam turns up blinging like a rock star (picture by DADA Rau)
Evo, in her famous SLippers, videos proceedings (picture by DADA Rau)

Miulew Takahe's poor n00b friend, Hopi Jun, apparently recovered from his harrowing experience at the hands of Fau Ferdinand, also attended and made some fabulous sound recordings ...

Click here to get your own player.

What I really like about Virtual Haidplatz is the way that over time, different layers have been superimposed from the various activities that have taken place there. This location, originally built for Pomodoro Bolzano's "xxXtenxion - this is not a webcam, this is cyberspace" event in May, has proved itself as a real functioning town square and meeting place.

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Grace Bridges said...

Went to the SL location but Haidplatz is not there any more. Sad! I used to live right round the corner from the real Haidplatz :)